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2009 QRP SSB Tri-Bander

Homebrew Construction of SSB & CW Radios, Linear Amplifiers, Micro Controller Applications. Continuously Licensed since 1959 with former call signs: W6JFR, K3IXU, KM6DD & KM6BI (Midway Islands) , and W7FFL. I was issued the callsign N6QW in 2009. GQRP Member #10689, Extra Class since 1977. See my station (K3IXU) in 1960 by clicking HERE. See N6QW's station by clicking HERE.

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Homebrewing QRP SSB Xcvr's Solder & Smoke Podcast 5/26/2014






New Stuff

20/40M SSB Transceiver

Driven with an Arduino DDS


Stay Tuned de N6QW


Old Radios, RF Amps and Tube Gear

Resurrecting the FTdx-100 New

Heathkit SB-200 Rebuild

Heathkit HW-101 Rebuild

3CPX1500A7 RF Amp

The R4B/TX4B Saga

Ten Tec Corsair I, Curing the Drift

Installing the X-Lock-3 on the TR-7

Installing an X-Lock-3 in a HW-101

Collins KWM2 SB#8 Upgrade

N4YG DDS Install in a Omni D


PIC MicroControllers




Homebrew Tri-Band QRP SSB XCVR


20M SSB Transceiver Details

Article by W6JFR in SPRAT 130


Paraset Transmitter

Homebrew 40M CW XCVR





















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NEW!!! N6QW's Konstruction Korner

( The Konstruction Korner has details, tips and information on how

to build test gear, construction techniques and general contruction info.)

N6QW Publications, QRP Quarterly
Spring 2010 20M MMIC Based QRP SSB Transeceiver (Cover)
Summer 2010 Software Defined Radio for Newbies
Fall 2010 WSPR for Newbies
Winter 2011 QRP --Quaffed Ready to Pour
Spring 2011 Confidence Building Project for Newbies (40M QRP CW Xcvr) Part I, (Cover)
Summer 2011 Confidence Building Project for Newbies Part II
Summer 2011 Pocket Sized 20M QRP SSB
Fall 2011 17M QRP SSB Transceiver - JABOM Part I
Winter 2012

17M QRP SSB Transceiver - JABOM Part 2

Dual Gate MOSFET Direct Conversion Receiver Part !

N6QW's 40M CW XCVR Spring 2011 Edition of QRP Quarterly Schematics & Parts List Here

New N6QW's 20M Shirt Pocket QRP SSB Xcvr Info Summer 2011 QQ

New N6QW's JABOM 5 Watt, 17M/20M QRP SSB Transceiver INFO Fall 2011 QQ

15W PEP MOSFET Linear Amp

Tube Transmitters



2009 Wooden Box Radio

2009 ~ 40M CW Transceiver using MMIC Gain Block Amplifiers

Other Projects By N6QW

Stay tuned Arduino Projects are coming 11/2013

VFO Stabilizer

DDS-60 Project

CW Senders

Time Delay Relays

Shirt Pocket Sized 20M QRP SSB XCVR